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Libertas Finance is a treasury-backed investment protocol, operating as a Venture Capital (VC) Fund, investing in early-stage web3 projects. Stake, earn & grow with our revolutionary profit-sharing protocol!
The Future Is Now! The Future Is Ours!
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Libertas Finance
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Why did we build Libertas Finance?

libertas torch
Limited investment opportunities for retail investors.
Too many bad actors / Lack of transparency in DeFi / DAO in general.
Lack of long-term sustainable financial models.
Libertas Finance
Our solution
Treasury Backed
Treasury backed investment & profit sharing protocol.
Doxxed Team
Fully doxxed, credible team.
Sustainable Structure
Focused on community participation & protocol longevity.

Libertas Finance
Buy & Sell Tax
The Fees

The protocol takes a portion of the trading fees (buying and selling) and utilizes these to further sustain and back the protocol and its liquidity.

Buy Tax

7% premium on every buy of XLB

Sell Tax

10% on every sell of XLB

Libertas Finance
Liquidity & Rewards
Liquidity Pool

XLB is an ERC-20 token, that rewards holders using a positive rebase formula.

5% of the sell fee is returned to the liquidity ensuring XLB's increasing buy pressure and collateral value.

Staking Rewards

LSP allows the $XLB stakers to earn a fixed 30% $XLB reward.

Secondly, $XLB stakers earn a 10% share of the treasury, rewarding stakers with the native token (ETH).

Libertas Finance
The Profit Sharing Mechanism
Real Yield Rewards

Libertas will share 10% of its treasury (annualized returns) with its token holders every day in native token (ETH). The rest of the treasury will be used for the VC fund. The longer they stake the more annualized returns the stakers get.

The following year, a DAO governance vote will determine the % of the treasury to be shared, based on previous year's performance.

XLB Staking Rewards:

The token holders also get rewards in XLB for staking their tokens.

Dividend Payout Protocol:

XLB stakers will receive dividend payouts from matured investments. They will receive dividends in stable coin

Libertas Finance
How Do We Handle the Fees?

5% of the buy fees, 2% of the sell fees and 2% of the transfer fees are automatically be distributed to the treasury, which supports the RFV. Furthermore, Libertas plans to also grow its treasury through: VC fund, launch pad, and other future projects


1% of the buy fees, 1% of the sell fees and 3% of the transfer fees are redirected automatically to the RFV Treasury. The RFV Treasury acts as a liquidity reserve, ensures the ongoing support and stabilization of the liquidity pool.

APY Backing & Burning

1% from the sell fee and 3% from the transfer fee is allocated for buying back and burning $XLB, making $XLB a deflationary token.

Libertas Finance
VC & Community Fund
Venture Capital
The Venture Capital Fund will be used to incubate and invest in new, disruptive projects. Libertas will be heavily involved, assisting founders with project conception and development from the start.
Community Innovation
The Community Innovation Fund will be used to incubate and invest in new, disruptive projects that come from the community. The project will be chosen carefully by the Libertas Community Fund Management Team.

Libertas Finance
  • Q3 2023
    - Staking Campaign on Goerli
  • Q4 2023
    - Go live (Version 1 protocol)
    - Real-yield
    - VC fund kickoff
  • Q1 2024
    - Libertas NFT launch
    - NFT staking program
  • Q3 2024
    - Real-world tokenisation
    - Institutional grade on-chain DeFi
  • Q4 2024
    - Libertas Investor dividend payout protocol